Installation of the ViaAds App

Implementation of the ViaAds Script

Guide to include ViaAds on a Shopify Webshop

The following is a guide that describes the process of installing and setting up the ViaAds Module on your Shopify webshop.

Once the guide is completed, it won't be long before data is communicated automatically to ViaAds, which can then begin marketing for your webshop. The guide is designed not to require extensive technical skills to complete.

In the unlikely event of challenges during installation or thereafter, please contact Magnus Spanheimer by phone at +45 93 90 99 50 or by email at

Installation of the ViaAds App

  • Go to the following link to access the ViaAds App:
  • The following page is shown. Click Install App/Tilføj App to begin the installation process.

Upon successful installation, you will be redirected to the partner portal page. This page will contain performance statistics for ViaAds in the future and is just to be closed for now.

Cookie Management in Shopify

ViaAds prioritizes user consent and transparency when it comes to cookie management on our platform. To achieve this, we integrate seamlessly with Shopify's 'Customer Privacy' Cookie Management System. This in-built functionality ensures that ViaAds without any further configuration, will gain insights into your customers' cookie preferences, specifically in relation to their consent for marketing cookies. By leveraging this, ViaAds offers a smooth integration experience without necessitating any additional setup for our Shopify Merchants.

Custom order statusses

When using custom order statuses to indicate that an order has been cancelled, refunded, or partially refunded, it is necessary to provide this information to ViaAds. Additionally, along with the custom order status, a clear explanation of its meaning must be included in order for us to be able to refund the correct amount charged for the order that was provided by ViaAds.

By providing this information, we can ensure that our records are accurate and up-to-date, and that any refunds are processed correctly. Therefore, please make sure to communicate any custom order statuses and their meanings clearly and in a timely manner to avoid any delays or issues with refunding.