Guide to Using a Product Feed

Guide to Using a Product Feed for Product Synchronization with ViaAds

This guide is designed to help you share your products from your online store with us using a Product Feed. It will walk you through the necessary steps for proper product integration via a product feed, ensuring it contains the required information, and how to share it with us via a URL.

Step 1: Provide A Product Feed

To ensure that your Product Feed is compatible with our system, make sure it contains the following fields. We recommend following the specified order:

  1. Id (string): A unique identification number for each product.
  2. Name (string): The product's name.
  3. ProductLink (string): A direct link to the product's page on your online store.
  4. ProductImageLink (string): A link to the product's primary image.
  5. Price (decimal): The product's current price (including any discounts).
  6. OriginalPrice (decimal): The product's original price (without discounts).
  7. OnStock (bool): A value indicating whether the product is in stock (True) or not (False).
  8. Category (string): The product's category in the following format "Parent category > Subcategory > Further subcategory" (e.g., "IT > TV > Sony").
  9. HideInMarketing (bool): Wether or not to promote the product in any marketing, but solely to use it to improve the marketing of the remaining products.

It’s of utmost importance that the above mentioned fields are present aswell as in a CSV format.

Step 2: Make Your Product Feed Accessible via a URL

For us to access and retrieve your Product Feed, it must be available via a URL. You should place your CSV file containing your Product Feed on a web server that can be accessed externally. Ensure that the URL is publicly accessible so that we can automatically fetch your Product Feed and keep our system updated with your products.

Step 3: Share Your Product Feed URL with us

To share your Product Feed with us, please send us an email with the following information:

  1. Subject: "Product Feed URL - [Your Company's Name]"
  2. Message: Enter a brief message indicating that you are sending your Product Feed URL to us and include the URL itself.

We will contact you if any further information or adjustments are needed. If you have a custom format, we may be able to adapt our system to work with it. However, we recommend that you follow our format to ensure a seamless integration.